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  • Didi Spumante Brut Rosé

    Didi Spumante Brut Rosé

    2021 (Organic)


    Category: Sparkling Wine


      Blushing bubbles with gentle berry fruits and a wicked dry finish.

      This wine literally blushes its way out of the bottle. The pretty pink colour twinkles amongst the bubbles to reveal a rosé whose soft fruity flavours of strawberries and blackberries give way to crisper apple, citrus, thyme and mint notes to give a refreshing and totally dry finish. Making it just the right balance for a rosé. 

      This wine instantly transforms a regular moment into a celebratory one and is an excellent alternative to your go-to aperitivo or party bubbles but don’t save it just for special occasions, this really is an elegant any-time, any-place wine.

      AWARD Annual best wines of Italy Award by notable wine critic Luca Maroni

    • Details
      Grape50% Sangiovese
      50% Chardonnay
      Grapes pickedBy hand
      Small batchOnly 3,000 bottles per year
      Cellaring2-3 years
      Serving temp.6-8°C
    Blasi Cantina

    From the Winemaker

    Didi Rosé is the most recent addition to our family of wines and we excitedly share it with you.

    This light and refreshing style of sparkling rosé is a move away from the traditional heavier rosés of the Umbrian region. In the bottle it is a reflection of youth and modernity. There is little contact with the skins so as to create the light pink colour and maintain the fresh vibrant flavours of the grapes.

    The naming of this wine is a nod back to the person who made it all possible, my grandfather, whom we affectionately call Didi. He inspired and enabled me (Michele) to pursue my dream. Salute Didi!

    Food pairing

    This rosé is extremely versatile and an absolute joy to pair with food. Whether the food is rich, fatty, fried, spicy or sweet, it will work a treat with the wine’s bright acidity and dry finish which cuts through these flavours, refreshing the mouth for the next tasty morsel.

    Drink it with:

    • Chilli mussels or clams
    • Deep-fried seafood, fried chicken
    • Prosciutto, salami, porchetta
    • Citrusy salads
    • Cheese (pecorino, taleggio, goat’s cheese)
    • Creamy risotto
    • Fruity tarts and even popcorn!

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