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  • Maltempo Spumante Brut
    No added sugar
    No added sugar

    Maltempo Spumante Brut

    Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesu DOC 2019 (Organic)


    Category: Sparkling Wine

    • Grapes naturally sweetened by nature

      Bursting with freshness, wild-flower aromas and subtle citrus flavours.

      A crisp and remarkably refreshing sparkling white wine with a lovely bubbliness. Recently re-launched as a "pas dose" wine because the grapes have naturally reached an optimal sugar level and the winemaker decided not to add sugar before the second fermentation (the part where the bubbles are created). 

      The result is a drier and crisper sparkling wine with lively flavours of pear, lemon and apple that burst in your mouth. Maltempo finishes on a slightly nutty almond note that prevents the wine having any hint of sweetness. Perfect for an aperitivo or party.

      This sparkler is one of our best-selling wines, with a very loyal group of followers.

    • Details
      Grape100% Verdicchio
      RegionLe Marche
      Grapes pickedBy hand
      Small batchOnly 5000 bottles per year
      Cellaring3-5 years
      Serving temp.6-8°C
    Tenuta dell’Ugolino

    From the Winemaker

    “Maltempo” means bad weather and is the name of the nearby Maltempo River, which rises after storms, flooding the vineyard and bringing much-needed water to the grapes.

    We use the Martinotti method of wine making, which originated in 1895, and combine it with new wine-making technology that enables us to control the process. This retains the brightly acidic citrus palate and delicate aromatic floral aromas typical of the variety, bringing freshness and intensity to the wine.

    Verdicchio grapes produce virtually colourless wines. Delicate and unique.

    Food Pairing

    Perfect with antipasti and fried food. The bubbles cut through the fat, adding to the crispness of the dish and freshening the mouth. Drink it with:

    • Dim sum
    • Deep-fried seafood
    • Quiche
    • Prosciutto and salami
    • Cheese (pecorino, taleggio, goat’s cheese)


    I was first introduced to this delightful sparkling wine at a Vino wine tasting. As a lover of bubbles it did not disappoint. I'm a huge fan and we always have it in stock at home. It is fresh, light and not overly heavy on bubbles like so many Proseccos. This is perfectly suited as an aperitif, or for a lovely summer's day barbecue, or dinner party.”

    - Melissa P.

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