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  • Sparapani Spumante Brut
    A real charmer Just arrived
    A real charmer Just arrived

    Sparapani Spumante Brut

    Metodo Charmat


    Category: Sparkling Wine

    • LIght citrus taste with floral aromas

      Frati Bianchi - Pieghevole per stampaGet ready to meet your new sparkling wine obsession: Sparapani Spumante Brut Charmat! This wine is all about affordable indulgence and a refreshing twist of citrus and floral goodness.

      Imagine sipping a glass of this delightful sparkling wine and being greeted by crisp, floral aromas that make you feel like you're strolling through a blooming garden. And let's not forget about those fine bubbles that add a touch of playful elegance to every sip.

      The secret behind it's enchanting flavour is Italy's beloved verdicchio grape, the superstar of Sparapani Spumante Brut Charmat. This grape brings a lightness and approachability that's perfect for any occasion, from fancy celebrations to casual get-togethers.

    • Details
      Grape90% Verdicchio
      10% Chardonnay
      RegionLe Marche
      Grapes pickedBy hand
      Small batchOnly 5,000 bottles per year
      Cellaring3-5 years
      Serving temp.6-8°C
    Sparapani Fratibianchi

    From the Winemaker

    Crafted with care from Verdicchio grapes sourced from our vineyard nestled at 300/400 metres above sea level, Sparapani Spumante Brut Charmat sparkling wine is the perfect result of the last 35 years work. The dramatic temperature shifts in this region infuse the grapes with exceptional acidity and delicate aromas of fresh fruit and flowers.

    The blend of 90% Verdicchio grape and 10% Chardonnay brings remarkable flexibility and vibrant acidity to the wine. It's a winning combination that adds depth and character to Sparapani Spumante Brut Charmat.

    Food Pairing

    Drink it with friends at your next gathering:

    • Brunch – delicious with eggs Benedict, smoked salmon and asparagus
    • Pre-lunch or dinner antipasti nibbles – the skies the limit, there are no rules with antipasti
    • Frati Bianchi - Pieghevole per staCocktail party canapés – anything from 80s style prawn cocktail bites to sophisticated fois gras with caramelised apples 


    This wine is just in from Italy. As soon as the reviews are in, we will share them with you.


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    The good stuff that rarely leaves Italy

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