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  • Sparapani Spumante Dolce

    Sparapani Spumante Dolce

    Metodo Charmat


    Category: Sparkling Wine

    • You asked for a sweet sparkling wine and here it is!

      Frati Bianchi - Pieghevole per stampa Introducing our sweet Muscat-Verdicchio fusion sparkling wine! Brace yourself for a sensory journey as the enticing aromas of peach, honey, sage, and white flowers burst from the glass. The Muscat grapes lend their characteristic heady notes to this wine. Meanwhile, the Verdicchio grapes bring a touch of freshness, keeping the wine lighter, delicate, and refreshing. Get ready to uncork the magic!


    • Details
      Grape50% Verdicchio
      50% Muscat
      RegionLe Marche
      Grapes pickedBy hand
      Small batchOnly 5,000 bottles per year
      Cellaring3-5 years
      Serving temp.6-8°C
    Sparapani Fratibianchi

    Meet the Winemaker

    This wine is the cherry on top of our Sparapani sparkling white wine range. It distinguishes itself from its Northern counterparts, as it harmoniously blends our native Verdicchio grapes with Muscat grapes. The result is a sparkling wine that strikes a delicate balance between moderate sweetness and refreshing character. We particularly enjoy it with desserts, and during the festive season, it always finds its place on our table alongside panettone or pandoro.

    Wine pairing

    Pairs brilliantly with desserts. Try to balance the sweetness of the dessert with the sweetness of the wine for a perfect match. Also a must, try it with cheese:

    • Panettone
    • Tiramisu
    • Cannoli
    • Panna cotta and many other desserts. 
    • Gorgonzola - sweet or spicy versions from Lombardy
    • Taleggio -  a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese from the valleys of the Bergamo Alps
    • Robiola - a soft-ripened cheese from Piedmont

    Did you know?

    Frati Bianchi - Pieghevole per stampa The Muscat grape is one of the oldest cultivated grape varieties in the world, dating back thousands of years. It comes in various colours, including white, red and black. The white grape is most commonly used in the production of sweet sparkling wines.

    The Verdicchio grape is one of Italy’s hidden gems and is considered by many Italians to be one of Italy’s best white wine grapes.

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