Sparapani Fratibianchi

The Heart and Passion of Sparapani Winery: A Journey of Tradition and Excellence

Our story is one of resilience and dedication, a path that has led us to become the modern winery we are today. Nestled in the heart of Le Marche, the Sparapani Fratibianchi vineyard has a rich history that dates back to 1933 when our grandparents cultivated a modest 1-hectare plot of verdicchio vines. It was a humble beginning, but the seeds of passion were already sown.

In 1980, our father, Sparapani Settimo, ignited a vision fuelled by unwavering passion and love for every facet of the vineyard. With his guidance, we expanded to 20 hectares, focusing on crafting high-quality wines that would capture the essence of our land. Divided into three distinct territories, each with its own unique history and characteristics, our vineyards are the essence of our heritage.

The winery, to us, is more than just a place. It's where magic unfolds, and our wines find their true voice, from the moment we harvest the grapes to the final act of bottling. Here, competence, tradition, teamwork, experimentation, perseverance, faith, and above all, passion unite harmoniously, giving birth to our exquisite range of wines.

Our farming practices blend traditional wisdom with modern techniques and technology. However, the land itself remains the cradle of our wines. We approach our work with utmost care, adhering to the principles of the "zero residual" program - an Italian initiative that aims for minimal impact on the soil, while nurturing and preserving the surrounding ecosystem.

At Sparapani Winery, our close-knit team operates with a shared love for winemaking and the unbreakable ties of family. This unity is the secret to our success, culminating in the creation of our new wine cellar in 2014, a testament to our unwavering commitment. The strength of our family binds us together, instilling common values and propelling us forward as one. This familial bond fuels our drive to craft exceptional wines, infusing every bottle with the essence of our heritage and the spirit of Sparapani.

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From Sparapani Fratibianchi


Sparapani Spumante Brut

Metodo Classico


A real charmer

Sparapani Spumante Brut

Metodo Charmat



Sparapani Spumante Dolce

Metodo Charmat



Il Priore

Classico Superiore DOC 2021


The good stuff that rarely leaves Italy

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